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Fry's Meat Free Sausage Rolls

Fry's Meat Free Sausage Rolls

100% Vegan puff pastry sausage roll. Ideal for lunch or snacking, this sausage roll is generously filled with a sausage style filling, and covered with a light vegan puff pastry. High in protein and with only non GM ingredients. Ideal for on the go snacks, picnics and lunchboxes - and completely vegan.
This sausage roll is packed with a tasty sausage style filling and seasoned with natural herbs and spices. Equally tasty whether eaten cold straight from the pack, or why not try it served warm with a salad on the side for a quick and easy meal

Vegan-Friendly Meal Ideas with Fry's Meat Free Sausage Rolls

1. Vegan Sausage Roll and Vegetable Soup: A warm and hearty vegetable soup accompanied by Fry's Meat Free Sausage Roll cut into bite-size pieces. It's a comforting and nutritious meal that is packed with vegetables and high in fibre.
2. Brunch Salad with Sausage Roll: A fresh and vibrant salad made with romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, oranges, and avocado paired with sliced Meat Free Sausage Roll. It's an easy and healthy brunch option filled with protein and beneficial plant compounds.
3. Vegan Sausage Roll Pizza: An innovative pizza twist where the sausage roll is first baked, then sliced onto a pizza crust, brushed with a rich tomato sauce, and sprinkled with vegan cheese before being baked to golden perfection. 
4. Sausage Roll Sushi: An innovative spin on sushi, replacing traditional sushi ingredients with sliced Fry's Meat Free Sausage Rolls. Wrap it in nori sheets with avocado, cucumber, and a dash of vegan cream cheese, this dish is a delicious high-protein snack.
5. Spaghetti and Vegan Sausage Roll: A stir fry of al dente spaghetti mixed with bite-sized pieces of the sausage roll, tossed with olive oil, garlic, chilli, and fresh basil. A quick and easy weeknight family meal.
6. Meat Free Sausage Roll-Topped Shepherd's pie: Traditional shepherd’s pie reimagined, surfaced with crumbled sausage roll. Rich, hearty and wholesome, perfect for a cozy family dinner. 
7. Sausage Roll Stuffed Bell Peppers: Peppers filled with a mixture of rice, vegetables, and sliced sausage roll, baked to perfection. An excellent meal idea with a balance of protein, vegetables, and carbohydrates.
8. Vegan Sausage Roll Wrap: A wrap filled with salad greens, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, and few slices of Sausage Roll, for a quick, healthy, and satisfying lunch-on-the-go.
9. Stir-fry with Vegan Sausage Roll: A colourful stir-fry made with seasonal veggies and small pieces of sausage roll. On busy days, this quick and nutritious recipe does the trick.
10. Vegan Sausage Roll and Beans: A filling, protein-packed meal with baked beans and chunks of the sausage roll served with warm mixed grain bread. A fantastic option for a hearty breakfast on busy mornings. 

Every one of these recipes can be tailored to suit the unique dietary requirements of your loved ones, ensuring that everyone can enjoy these delicious and nutritious meals.
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