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Campbell's Bone Broth Turmeric & Ginger

Campbell's Bone Broth Turmeric & Ginger

Campbell's Bone Broth Turmeric & Ginger is from free range chicken, gently simmered for hours. It has 10g of protein per serve and contains collagen. Campbell's Bone Broth is gently simmered for hours to deliver a nutrient rich broth. It's perfect for use in cooking, or simply heat & season to taste to enjoy as a beverage.10g of protein per serve. Contains collagen. Low FODMAP. 100% Natural. Low in Salt. No artificial preservatives.

Hearty Vegetable and Beef Soup: Take advantage of the full-bodied flavor of the Campbell bone broth as the base for this comforting soup. Packed with a medley of fresh vegetables and tender beef chunks, this dish is a nutritious hit at the dinner table.
Bone Broth Quinoa Risotto: An inventive take on the classic risotto, substituting traditional stock with the beef bone broth gives the dish an extra layer of richness. The added quinoa contributes to a well-rounded, protein-packed meal.
Slow Cooker Pot Roast: Use the bone broth as a flavorful component in a classic slow-cooker pot roast. The hints of ginger and turmeric from the broth add a twist to the flavor profile, creating a gourmet experience at home.
Rice Noodle Pho Soup: Satisfy your craving for Southeast Asian flavors with this pho soup — the delicate natural broth absorbed by rice noodles together with the aroma of herbs makes this a fragrant and hearty dinner.
Braised Bone Broth Chicken Drumsticks: Infuse the succulent drumsticks with the rich savoriness of the bone broth. Simmered for a few hours, this results in a tasty main dish that the whole family will love.
Bone Broth Hummus: This is a protein-packed dip perfect as an afternoon snack. A surprisingly good combination, using the bone broth to thin out the hummus adds an irresistible, savory depth of flavor.
Beef and Mushroom Stir-fry: For a quick weekday dinner, this beef and mushroom stir-fry will do the trick. The rich beef stock bone broth as the stir-fry base gives the dish a satisfying heft.
Creamy Bone Broth Polenta: Using bone broth instead of water to cook the polenta adds a robust taste to this Italian classic. It's a perfect accompaniment to grilled or roasted meats. 
Sauted Shrimp and Vegetables in Bone Broth: This light and wholesome dish shines with the Campbell broth's bold flavor. The shrimp and veggies simmered in the broth offer an interesting convergence of flavors. 
Bone Broth Breakfast Oatmeal: Begin your day uniquely with this savory oatmeal variant. The addition of bone broth to your morning oats imparts a savory note, giving a warming start to your day.

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